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Have you ever dated yourself? What would happen if after a divorce you actually spent time with yourself instead of jumping back into the dating world? We want you to learn from our past relationships before jumping into the same relationship we just got out of.

 How do you date yourself?
How do you date yourself? It is not just about spending time in your apartment or house alone, but about getting out there and feeling confident and good about yourself while you are out there. Dating yourself is about exuding a confidence that comes from within, but then shines on the outside.

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 How do you go about obtaining this?
How do you go about obtaining this? When you have been divorced, your self-esteem can be crushed and your self-confidence can be low and no one can give you those things back but you. It is so important after a divorce to not only learn how to depend on yourself, but to know that you are self-sufficient and if Mr. or Ms. Right doesn’t come along, that you will be okay, and this is what dating yourself is all about.

 Be in a happy healthy relationship.
As uncomfortable as I felt, I forced myself to go to restaurants and movies by myself. I took walks and sat at Starbucks with my coffee. I dated myself, and while dating myself, I learned so much about me. I learned what I didn’t like and wanted to change and what I loved but had suppressed during my marriage. I realized that it was time to love me again, and after dating myself for a couple of years, I did just that, loved myself again.

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 Falling in love with you
Falling in love with you is a very empowering feeling. You feel as if you can conquer the world, and that is just what I have been doing. Conquering the world. When you realize that the only person you need to be happy is you, then you let go of all those bad feelings and your self-esteem and self-confidence soar to new heights. And, you attract people to you that feel the same way about themselves, which is vital to having a healthy and happy relationship.

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